Monday, May 24, 2010

13 Years

Sunday May 23 was our 13th wedding anniversary! Time has went fast...I can still remember standing on the balcony in Jamaica watching Scott walk to the garden where we were going to start our lifetime journey together. We (in we.. I am saying all 5 of kids you owe Dad and I a trip one day alone when you have your own money) spent the weekend at the Hyatt San Antonio Hill Country Resort. The place was peaceful and beautiful...lazy river to float all your worries away, beach to sink your toes in, and soft pillows to have sweet dreams on. The kids loved all the pools, playgrounds, smores, movie on the lawn.
After a long packed day of fun and laughter everyone got snug in their assigned beds. As I closed my eyes Scott and Roxli began to snore in some crazy rhythmic way that my ears had never heard. Rhett and Reef were not as amused with the bedtime "music" as I was. I just had to laugh inside thinking this is our anniversary trip.... not at all what I would have been thinking that day on the balcony as our future!!! How naive was I at 22?? The next morning looking around the room at sleepy bodies I was thankful for what our marriage had created in 13 short years. More than 3 kids...understanding,compromise,trust,friendship,forgiveness,team work. Cant wait to see what comes in the next 13!! (Note to Doss kids: this trip was fun but your not going to be invited on the 14th anniversary trip...babysitter city...I better start looking now!!!)

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