Friday, February 26, 2010

Look who got all A's!!!

Way to go Rhett!!! You ROCK smart boy!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Texas Style!!!

We got ya'll from school early today...snow was on the way! The flakes were beautiful. What a treat! It melted as soon as it hit the ground but it sure was fun to see it fall.

The One

He has hundreds of perfectly placed freckles and beauty marks (aka moles...I prefer beauty marks but he is such a manly man so those words have never touched his tongue) I remember falling in love with them 12 years ago as we spent day after day on the lake soaking up the sun and each other.Truth be known he got a few more that summer from his lack of sunscreen usage...I have now taught him about sunscreen and that he is a white boy which = sunburn without it.
As I was laying in bed the other night ,watching him sleep,I wondered if I could close my eyes and picture him completely ,whether I would remember every placement of each brown speck? Would I remember the crystal blue of his eyes and how they change when sun shines on his face? Would I remember the date that a new laugh line appeared? I lay there listening to my love breath,I watched him dream, and memorized his beautiful face which was a true feast for my eyes. I intertwined my foot around his which is as natural to me as exhaling. Kinda always been our "thing". Even if I had been fire mad at him touching his foot before I drifted off to sleep was the "sign" at the end of the day that all was well with us.
I pray I will never forget to respect the delicate nature of this awesome gift called marriage.I pray I will never forget to tell him how wonderful and admirable I think he his. And that I will ,if only every once in awhile ,take the quiet time to study and memorize his face and all the freckles. They are after all, a marvelous gift from God.

3 Years Apart

What is sweeter than the sound of kids laughing?

Not much,friends.

Not much.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Roxli Sloan

Reminder of what is precious to me = less thought on what doesn't matter anyway

?'s in the Car

WOW!!! I would have never in a million years thought I would have to cover so many topics on our car ride home from taking Reef to dance. I am not a fan of the car + kids = ?'s thing. It makes me a little nervous. I am trapped with no backup, no books to refer to (this is when I want to kick myself for not memorizing more of God's word... I will do better), no quick call to someone who has lived this parenthood thing and survived to tell about it.

OK. This is how the conversation went down.

Rhett: "Mom look at all the signs. Who are we going to vote for?"

Me: "I see that Rhett... Mom needs to do some reading about the people. As a whole, Dad and I vote Republican because they believe the closest to our values and what God says is important".

Rhett: "Like what".

Me: "Pro Life... You know if the world does not care about human life then all other government programs really don't matter".

Rhett: "Oh when we walked to the capital holding signs with all those people to say we believe in having babies?"

Me: "Yes".

Rhett: "I just don't get why people would do that yucky thing if they did not want a baby!"

Me: (heart beating way to fast and sure we might just go into the ditch if I did not gain my composure) ...I paused and just knew God was going to fill me with grand beautiful words to explain this amazing way God creates life(not that yucky thing). But NOTHING... I answered with "Rhett I am with you... why would they do that if they don't want a baby". REALLY... is that all I got!! Big fat "F" for me in parenting 101 with the birds and the bees! Animal planet I thought you were a safe show to watch but now I am rethinking this decision... look where you have got me now!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

ShAKe iT BaBY!!!

Whose feet are sore?? Dancing, shopping, eating out, playing with girlfriends... this was hard on the pigs.
We went to JUMP (dance convention) this weekend in Houston. Ballet, hip hop, jazz and TAP! I say tap last because the teacher was a 25 year old cutie pie. He made music with his feet to say the least. Reef's little cheeks turned the warmest shade of pink that glowed for the entire hour that heavenly boy tapped his amazing feet and spoke (in a Harry Connick Jr. way) "shuffle, shuffle, toe, toe, shuffle, shuffle, toe". Tap for sure held her attention, but ballet was where I could see her heart was at home. I watched with tearful eyes seeing her embrace her taller than average body... forming her long thin arms and legs into the silhouette of a beautiful ballerina... graceful and moving like a slow running stream. I could see in her eyes this was what she had come for. I loved watching her go from a nervous look of "where am I", to a look like "she and the teacher were the only people in the room". Confidence is growing... I can read her like a book being that her finger immediate goes to the corner of her mouth like she is in serious thought when she is not sure. As the classes went on the finger dropped and all was well in her dancing world. Besides dancing, we enjoyed just being together. Time to just hold her hand, focus only on her perfect slightly freckled face, listening to every soft syllable spoken. The trip was full of memories that will be forever etched into my mind... I feel my own cheeks warming and turning pink with the thought of her!