Monday, January 25, 2010

When Mom and Dad don't understand,a sister always will (unless it is over clothes)

Sisters... it is some strange, magical, love-hate thing that is a force to be reckoned with. There are moments of teaching, forgiveness, tears of joy and all out hair pulling. Sisterhood is indescribable in words... it is a state of being that only sisters "get". Almost like a a club with dues that only can be paid if you came from the the same tummy. I am a stranger to this club being the only girl with a brother older and younger. Oh how I longed to be part of this secret world that from an outsider looked absolutely breathtaking. I am now getting a glimpse of the secrets and rights of passage with you precious ones (sometimes yall let me in... I think it is often just to let me feel wanted, but I never get to play with the good barbie) and my inherited sister-in-law. I feel now like I am at least a half card carrying club member with her since she too is the only girl with 2 brothers. We are exploring this magical sisterhood thing and learning how amazing it is to have this other chick in your corner. I get her and she gets me... not that we always agree but there is just "something there". What is this bond between girls?? It is a gift... sometimes it is as good as that coveted little blue box and sometimes it's that gift that you just have to smile when you open (even when there is seriously the taste of throw up in your mouth!). Note to self girls... don't let go... hold tight even if it is by each others blond hair. I am sure the ride will be worth every split end that might occur!! I am holding on to mine... knowing full well she could take me in a street fight. She works out and I don't even sweat... just glisten!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thank you....Please...

We have a deal going on here...You use good manners and Dad and I will put a "fuzzy" in the jar on your behalf. When the jar is filled to the rim off to build a bear we will go to celebrate your victory.( I am not a fan of stuffed animals because they have taken over our home...I guess I should not complain at least I don't have to feed or bath them like the other breathing animals be have around here)I am willing to let you get another furry friend to help you learn the power of manners and how they will benefit you forever in the world I will soon be sending you into without me there to say " and the boy and or girl says..." or for the smallest Doss "what do you say". I know this is hard to learn. I remember my Dad and Mom shooting a look at me that I am sure if looks could kill I would have been with Jesus a long time ago. I really did not get why they insisted I say "yes ma'am and no sir" At times I was sure they must of had a secret desire to run a boot camp or they just had me to clean the kitchen (my mom used every pot in the cabinet EVERY TIME she made a meal...but her food was so yummy) I now know if that was the case a maid would have been way cheaper and they would not have had to deal with the back talk, drama,dance classes,cheerleading outfits that had to be ironed,boyfriends,etc... Oh what you wonderful kids have taught me... and here I was thinking I was going to teach you so much. Good luck "my little soldiers" I am sure you will have these thoughts till you are blessed with children of your own.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dreaming of the beach...

A day at the beach...I can just feel the warm sand between my toes,the smell of sunscreen(which I know I am a freak will thank me one day),sun bleached hair,sandcastles,catching fish,feeding the birds,searching for treasures perfectly placed just for us. We were dreaming of this today...the weather here is cold and wet. Hopefully winter will pass quickly and spring will bring a trip to the beach....but today we just talked and laughed about our past beach adventures!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All Dressed Up!!

Rhett, our "Gienus"

This Christmas, I told the kids they could spell out messages to the family with Scrabble tiles. I suggested it be something encouraging to us all. Here's Rhetts message...

Report Cards !!!

The results are in...
A's across the board!!! Rhett made a 95 in math!!! We are so jazzed for him and all the hard work he has put into learning multiplication ( I think I need a report card that says well done Mommy...flashcards about took its toll on me..the 8's are not my strong suit). Reef made tons of E's and her teacher feels she is doing AMAZING! We celebrated with cheeseburgers and fries all around. Could these really be my kids?? If they didn't look so much like me I might be calling St. David's hospital with some ?'s. They had to get the smart DNA from their extremely bright Daddy. I most definitely "married up"!! I am sure one day they with thank me for this wise choice. Congrats Doss kids. You are such a blessing!!