Saturday, February 20, 2010

?'s in the Car

WOW!!! I would have never in a million years thought I would have to cover so many topics on our car ride home from taking Reef to dance. I am not a fan of the car + kids = ?'s thing. It makes me a little nervous. I am trapped with no backup, no books to refer to (this is when I want to kick myself for not memorizing more of God's word... I will do better), no quick call to someone who has lived this parenthood thing and survived to tell about it.

OK. This is how the conversation went down.

Rhett: "Mom look at all the signs. Who are we going to vote for?"

Me: "I see that Rhett... Mom needs to do some reading about the people. As a whole, Dad and I vote Republican because they believe the closest to our values and what God says is important".

Rhett: "Like what".

Me: "Pro Life... You know if the world does not care about human life then all other government programs really don't matter".

Rhett: "Oh when we walked to the capital holding signs with all those people to say we believe in having babies?"

Me: "Yes".

Rhett: "I just don't get why people would do that yucky thing if they did not want a baby!"

Me: (heart beating way to fast and sure we might just go into the ditch if I did not gain my composure) ...I paused and just knew God was going to fill me with grand beautiful words to explain this amazing way God creates life(not that yucky thing). But NOTHING... I answered with "Rhett I am with you... why would they do that if they don't want a baby". REALLY... is that all I got!! Big fat "F" for me in parenting 101 with the birds and the bees! Animal planet I thought you were a safe show to watch but now I am rethinking this decision... look where you have got me now!!!

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