Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The One

He has hundreds of perfectly placed freckles and beauty marks (aka moles...I prefer beauty marks but he is such a manly man so those words have never touched his tongue) I remember falling in love with them 12 years ago as we spent day after day on the lake soaking up the sun and each other.Truth be known he got a few more that summer from his lack of sunscreen usage...I have now taught him about sunscreen and that he is a white boy which = sunburn without it.
As I was laying in bed the other night ,watching him sleep,I wondered if I could close my eyes and picture him completely ,whether I would remember every placement of each brown speck? Would I remember the crystal blue of his eyes and how they change when sun shines on his face? Would I remember the date that a new laugh line appeared? I lay there listening to my love breath,I watched him dream, and memorized his beautiful face which was a true feast for my eyes. I intertwined my foot around his which is as natural to me as exhaling. Kinda always been our "thing". Even if I had been fire mad at him touching his foot before I drifted off to sleep was the "sign" at the end of the day that all was well with us.
I pray I will never forget to respect the delicate nature of this awesome gift called marriage.I pray I will never forget to tell him how wonderful and admirable I think he his. And that I will ,if only every once in awhile ,take the quiet time to study and memorize his face and all the freckles. They are after all, a marvelous gift from God.

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  1. My son is so blessed by having you in his life. I can take credit for the first 20 years of his life but you have shaped him these last years with your beauty, your love, and being a wonderful helpmate. We too, are blessed having you in our family.