Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Roxli and her Red Mary Jane's

This morning Roxli and I were going to weed the small backyard garden. I told her of my plans saying them in a "fun voice". I do love this age because if you say anything in a "fun voice" then it is. Crazy how that works. The power of ones voice and tone. Now that I am thinking about it I should try this on Daddy...I'll let you know later how this works out for me.
OK back to the story. I told Rox to go get her shoes on. She came outside so proud of the choice...Red Mary Jane's. This struck me funny. After kissing her face up we were off to the task at hand...Well not for long. Two or three weeds removed from the wet ground and she was off calling butterflies. You know like how you call a cat..Here Kitty Kitty!! Those red shoes were on hot pursuit of the delicate yellow butterfly. Flushed cheeks and no luck in the butterfly catching department, she yelled "I hear something!" The birds were singing us a song to do our weed pulling to. Because of this precious little girl in red Mary Jane's I became fully aware of the beautiful nature surrounding me. She was taking it all in; soaking it up. As a grown-up (I use that term loosely) I tend to just get caught up with the task at hand and not notice all the blessings. I am thankful I got to see the world today through her eyes. Next time I might just have to wear myself some Red Mary Jane's.

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