Sunday, April 11, 2010

You get a line... I'll get a pole

Landa park + fishing = Yummy dinner
We had a picnic and talked about how many we were about to catch. Rhett was the first to pull in a feisty mudbug, then Reef. Baby Rox just walked up and down the bank saying "I don't see my bait." We captured about 25 to 30 in a couple of fun hours. Dinner was wonderful... well for those of us who don't have food issues... (RHETT). It took all he had to eat the shrimp, potatoes and crawfish. I just had to laugh because I just don't get how one can not just eat even if you don't really like it. I will eat anything. I guess I am just glad that someone has put food in front of me that I did not have to cook, or maybe I just love food. Who knows, but Rhett did not get this trait from me.
Hours later, middle sister comes to me and says, "Rhett is going to run away because of the nasty food you make him eat". She was serious as a heart attack!!! Her eyes were shining with tears that were about to tumble out with just the mere thought of Rhett packing it up and venturing off into the world on his own. I told her all would be fine. I was positive he would still be calling our home his permanent address in the morning. After settling her down, off to talk with the mistreated oldest Doss. He was mad as a wet hen. Feathers all ruffled. He truly felt like an injustice had been done to him making him eat "healthy food". I had to walk away because I did not want to laugh right in his poor little face. So Scott goes in to settle this issue with him. As he walked up the stairs I was silently wishing him luck, this was going to take a straight face that I knew I could not pull off. Scott walks down stairs about 10 minutes later to report the verdict. "Rhett fills like he has held his manners his whole life about the bad food we feed him." Scott firmly states. Scott asked him what he would like to eat and Rhett said, "Well I like candy, ice cream and pizza that is not too greasy." What do you say to that?? I thought... well I am glad it was Scott doing the talking because I am sure I would have told him something sassy like don't hold your breath sweet thing!!! Scott calmly explained in his educated voice that we would not be good parents if we feed him that kind of junk.
Off to bed Rhett went and the next morning I asked Rhett if he was better and he just laughed. I get it. We all have to melt it down now and then. I know I have had a few myself. Dust on the ceiling fan while on bed rest is just one of the many I have pulled myself. I guess he got that trait from me... Why couldn't he have just loved food like me??

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